Priorities and Strategies

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The Network was established in 2001 as a direct response to the needs identified in a survey and follow up convening of 140 Promotor leaders in California. Ten priorities were identified in focus groups across the state. The leaders at the convening prioritized them according to interest and importance for the Network; the following were the four priorities selected:

  1. Survival is the most important priority for our people, not health.
  2. We need better compensation, benefits, incentives, and respect (legitimization) for our work.
  3. We need more resources targeted for programs and for creating Promotoras and community health workers.
  4. We need organization to protect the interests of Promotoras and community health workers in California. (The Network of Promotoras and Community Health Workers was formed at that time.

The Network addresses these four priories by supporting five primary strategies:

  1. Advocacy/Policy: Educating and bringing awareness to political and administrative leaders at the region, state, and national levels about the Promotores’ Model and its importance in community work and social change.  The Network also promotes public policies that seek the wellbeing of the community.
  2. Capacity building for Promotores: Developed and implemented a variety of educational curricula with the collaboration of expert Promotoras to offer basic and advanced tools to Promotores throughout the country which has led to the creation of an Promotores Institute.
  3. Collaboration with other leaders: Through the development and strengthening of relationships created through the Network, we have instituted projects that highly impact the region and the state.  These projects emphasize the authenticity of the Promotores Model, highlight the work of Promotores and promote the wellbeing of the community.
  4. Publicity: Through multiple media strategies and community partnerships, Vision y Compromiso, publishes official research documents, regional and state-wide publications informing the public about the work of  Vision y Compromiso and the groups associated with the Network at the regional level.
  5. Validating the Promotor Model: We advocate for the integration of Promotores and the Promotor Model within rural and urban communities in a dignified manner that respects the contributions to the systems in our society.