Our Work

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Capacity Building:  Provide skill building and training to new and experienced promotores using popular education and empowerment methodologies and provide regional trainings on diverse topics identified by Promotores throughout California.

Leadership Development:  Provide mid-level training for Promotores, offer advanced training to experienced Promotores, identify and disseminate opportunities for leadership and career development.

Advocacy: Provide training and curricula to build the advocacy and organizing skills of Promotores, coordinate regional, and statewide forums, and organize the annual Promotores Legislative Day in Sacramento.

Technical Assistance:  Conduct organizational assessments and offer support to public and private agencies interested in integrating Promotores into their workforce.

Workforce and Career Development: Develop training curricula and career pathways that support the personal and professional needs of Promotores, promote a living wage and guaranteed benefits for promotores. Work with public and private agencies and community colleges to integrate the “added value” of community sskills and knowledge.

Policy:  Prepare Promotores to participate with other stakeholders in decision making and policy development, convene forums that support policies reflective of community needs and beneficial to promotores, host annual policy conference in Los Angeles, and collaborate with California policy organizations.

Create Linkages:  Convene Regional Networks that support community building efforts, support local programs, colllaborate with local and state programs, distribute newsletter.

Research and Evaluation:  Collaborate with university, agency and community partners to promote culturally relevant research and evaluation that integrates promotores as equal partners in conducting research.