Principles of VyC

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Corazon (Heart): Promotores model a heartfelt attitude towards improving the quality life

Trust: Promotores have a natural ability to relate to and speak with their neighbors. Trust is the basis for their successful and efficient community labor.

Experience: Promotores are often those people that have transcended personal and social barriers. Their life experience is invaluable in their community role where they share indigenous and acquired knowledge on health issues.

Personal Responsibility:  Promotores work in the community they live in and are invested in the betterment of their community.  Their “espiritu de servicio” (spirit of service) includes a strong sense of personal responsibility for achieving healthy communities and extends beyond work schedules and monetary gain.

Multi-Disciplinary Skills:  Promotores are at the front line of the healthcare system.  They must be prepared to work in a wide range of community health issues.

Access:  Promotores respond to the needs of their communities and bring the healthcare system to the community.  They use a grassroots approach to mobilize and provide health education in areas most in need.

Education: Promotores provide technical assistance, mentoring, and modeling to increase the capacity of communities to provide health services to greater numbers of poor, working poor and un/underinsured communities, particularly in communities of color.

Holistic Approach: Health promotion involves more than just physical well being and is achieved through a socio-ecologial understanding of well being.

Social Change:  Our theory of Change: individual learning begins first with Promotores who through has the capacity to impact her/his own family relationships and lifestyle, healthy families impact neighborhoods and create change in communities.

Expertise:  Promotores are community experts.  Involving Promotores in decision-making process is invaluable for institutional and organizational direction and development.